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How does CoachKinetic work

By breaking down a job into its constituent parts and applying a charge rate and labour rate, Coach Kinetic allows you to track who has completed each part of a contract and when it was completed. Using this information it automatically generates detailed payroll and progress reports, and allows your clients to view their job progress, site reports and applications via their own web portal.


Record and prioritise your tenders, allowing you to focus your efforts in relation to deadlines. The Tender reporting tools allow you to track the quantity and value of work you are pricing on a monthly basis.

Job Details

Access your job details and contacts at the click of a button, allowing authorised users fast access to critical information and retention dates.

Job Progress

Keeping track of your progress through all of your jobs has never been easier, with progress bars clearly indicating what percentage of the job is complete and a forecast indicator informing you if you are ahead or behind schedule.

Timesheet Input

Timesheet information can be entered either onsite using a tablet or from a desktop PC. The simple and flexible input screen allows you to record who has completed which items of work, whilst allowing you to cater for adjustments and job changes. By removing paper from the equation Coach Kinetic eliminates the weekly hassle of interpreting and entering timesheet information, whilst giving you easy access to historical events at the touch of a button.


Materials can be recorded within the system allowing you easy access to previous order information and creating a more complete picture of the true profit and loss on each job.


Whether you workers are cards-in or you pay according to work completed Coach Kinetic allows you to track what each worker has completed, allowing you to track previous works to an individual, eliminating the possibility of double paying for work and producing a detailed payroll and costing reports at the end of each week/month.

Client Applications

Detailed application reports are produced automatically on an Excel spreadsheet, these reports can be either emailed or accessed by the client via their own online hub.

Client Hub

The client hub is a website dedicated to your clients, giving them access to critical information including:

  • Applications
  • Job progress
  • Site Reports
  • Site Instructions

On-site workers photos and SMS communication tool

There is a number of feedback elements where clients can feed information back into Coach Kinetic. This allows you to gather information on how much has been paid towards an application (rather than having to wait for the money to reach your bank). It also allows the client to respond to site reports, giving you solid and validated evidence of issues that have arisen during the job.

Profit and Loss Reports

Coach Kinetic offers a wide variety of profit and loss reports, ranging from the snapshot report which gives you a quick overview of each job, to the job summary report which gives you a detailed breakdown of current and projected profits on either the job or individual locations or rooms. As the system is based in the cloud, all these reports are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Site Instructions

Track and log your site instructions which are fully integrated into the payroll reports, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that all site instructions are accounted for and include key references to ensure payment. Clients also have the ability to confirm site instructions from their online hub, helping to improve the time delay

Site Reports

Site reports can be recorded either in the office or onsite, allowing you to log issues, progress and record key checks are being complied to (Health and safety, running to programme etc).

Workers Details & Absence

Get quick access to your workers contact information, photograph, absence and qualifications allowing you to instantly identify if they are qualified for a particular task.

Workers Location

Coach Kinetic uses your payments to automatically assign workers to a particular location, you also have the option of over-riding this function giving you a quick snapshot of who and how many of your workers are on each job.


Using the SMS texting functions you can instantly send messages to individuals or groups of workers depending on their trade or location, allowing you to inform everyone in your organisation or just people working at a particular location. This function can also be used to contact previous employees to see if they are currently looking for work.

The internal messaging system allows your office workers to communicate directly through the system without having to create an email. The messages appear as a popup when they are logged into the system.


Tasks can be assigned to users of the system, allowing a clear line of communication and responsibility when updating system details. Users tasks are clearly visible with an indication of urgency and how long ago the task was created.