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A Little About SmarterInDesign and CoachKinetic

In 2012 we were approached by a large painting contracter based in the North West of England who were having issues processing their timesheets. Every week many hours were wasted interpreting timesheets which were often illegible or did not correlate to the job specification.

We developed a system which would allow the client to enter in timesheet information either onsite or from head office, and would force conformity to the contractual specification of the job.

The success of the system lead to further developments in many other areas of the business, working closely with the clients we have created a truly ground breaking piece of software using cutting edge technology which meets the real needs of the construction industry

Gareth Powers

Volunteer Coordinator – Cardiff Sport Development

"The development of the Sport Cardiff VSB by Smarter-in-Design has really helped our department in the management of volunteers. The system has been particularly effective in assisting with the recruitment of volunteers, providing an accessible and straight forward registration process that is not only easy to use, but has reduced the amount of paper work and admin previously required.

Having recently recruited over 300 volunteers for the ‘Ambassador’ programme supporting Cardiff’s involvement with the London 2012 Games, this was a very valuable asset to the project. Post Games the challenge for us at Sport Cardiff is to retain the services of these volunteers and a real strength of the system is the ease with which communication is with volunteers, enabling us to easily keep in touch via both email and text message.

The system also helps us to record the amount of volunteering that takes place, as well as profiling individual volunteers and monitoring volunteer activity – something that was previously a challenge. This combined with the reporting function available on the system enables us to produce some useful KPI information which is a valuable resource for reporting purposes and helps highlight the good work that is being done across the department.

Craig Abel

Volunteer Development Officer – Manchester Sport Development

"The one stop shop approach has made my life much easier, its a more efficient service for volunteers and people who need volunteers. It gives me the ability to reach more people and get out of the office to promote volunteering rather then being bogged down with the logistics of running a volunteer programme.

We are very happy with the system, and the fact that it is now being rolled out accross the community and cultural sevices highlights its success, and has allowed us to extend the approach from sports volunteering to all types of volunteering within manchester."